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Friday, 5 July 2013

The Perfect Road Trip

Sometimes I dream of driving on traffic free roads which are extremely clean. Breathing in the fresh air with crystal clear water floor river flowing sideways I am driving in peace. And suddenly the traffic noises outside my window wakes me up shattering the beauty of my dream. Roadways of Bombay has always been a mess  since ages. High traffic, noise of the engine gearing and the most irritating part of it is the horns. I personally think use of horns should be prohibited in India specifically in "Bombay" as it is in other countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai etc. Singapore government has enforced laws against misuse of horns. I swear I have never seen any place which such silent and busy roads simultaneously anywhere in India as it is in Singapore.

I guess this is why my mind makes me dream this way. When I saw 3 Idiots, I was astonished. The road on which Farhan and Raju (Characters) were driving was exactly what I always dreamt of, though with little changes in details. Later on I googled it and found it out. It was Barlacha La Pass along the Manali Leh Highway, the only way to Ladakh. Now that I know that this kinda of a road really exists I would love to travel through it atleast once. Knowing the road and the final destination gave my anxiety level a break after watching this movie.

It would be a wonderful feeling if somebody would drive me through the Barlacha La Pass. And I would love it if my special someone would drive me through the road on Maruti Swift Dzire Regal. The moment I saw this car with my friend's brother, fell in love with it. Seems like a perfect travel car. Last but not the least, no one should ever forget to stack on food stock before leaving for journey. This wasn't in my dream, still it will be great to take few juice packs, cream biscuits and obviously our very own gujarati thepla (Yes, I love it to core). 

To start from, me and my spcial one should be starting from Manali anywhere in the month of March since its the autumn time on Maruti Swift Dzire Regal. Following all the required water and food materials should be stacked  on the back seat with another bag containing our clothing and other necessities. Either of us would drive chance by chance and click pictures stopping where ever we would find the beauty is beyond our eyes to capture alone. We would in the car itself, eat and change in it only. Also shopping on the local markets in Manali would be so exciting. Ohh!!! Even writing this and imagining it hikes my adrenaline level. But at last I would like to hold his hand and breath in the fresh air with my eyes closed sinking deep in the beauty of Ladakh while my husband drives till our destiny.

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